Balloon Twisting and Face Painting familiar friends!

Elmo balloon Irvine, Orange County Newport Beach Tustin.

If you love Elmo, you will love this cuddly balloon to take home and be your friend.

Every child has that familiar friend that everyone knows and loves.  We delight in providing party entertainment that caters to the likes and loves of your little ones.

Balloon artist animals pokemon ball riverside corona anaheim aliso viejo.png

No matter what your child is into, we have most likely face painted it, and created it out of balloons countless times.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for on our website: check us out on our Pinterest page: we have over a thousand pinned photo’s on our Pinterest page.  If you don’t find it there, email us and we will send you a portfolio of pictures directly to you.  We take so many pictures it’s hard to upload them all. 🙂

Professional Face Painter Orange County Brea, Fullerton, Costa Mesa, Anaheim, Aliso Viejo, Irvine, Tustin

Face painting and balloon fun!

We are a Southern California Party Entertainment Company. Although our artists often travel out of state (Contact us for our Daily rates for out of state events.) We service all of SoCal.  Orange County, LA, OC,San Diego, Riverside, Inland Empire, the High Desert, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties.

See you at the next pARTy!

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Superhero face painting and balloons

Boom, Pow! This is exactly how we feel when kids give us a great big smile after giving them a superhero balloon or face painting them as their favorite super hero.

With so many superheroes out there now, it gives kids a ton of options, but every once in awhile we are asked for the classic black mask and beard.

Anaheim face painter orange county garden grove carson

Classic Superhero

No matter what the request we’ve got you covered in face paint… Literally! LOL

Flash super hero face painting, orange county Rancho Santa Margarita, RSM Aliso Viejo

Face painting in a… wait for it… Flash!

Even a quick touch of paint can make for fantastic fun!

Super hero Captain America face painting. High Desert party entertainment

Little Captain America! Proof that a small face painting can create large smiles!

Batman face painting. Hesperia, Oak Hills, Apple Valley, Victorville

Batman face painted mask.

Batman face painting in Garden Grove, LA, Silverlake, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa

There is more than 1 way to face paint Batman. 🙂

We just love all party themes, but Superheroes are always fun. No matter how you like to celebrate, we would love to help with face painting, temporary tattoos, balloons, costume characters and more!

Call: (949)599-5525 Email:

We provide party entertainment for all of Southern California without a supply or travel fee.

We’ll see you at the next pARTy!

Superman temporary tattoo style face painting Irvine Orange County Anaheim Costa Mesa Carson Garden Grove

Superman hand art.


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How to care for your henna tattoo.

Orange County henna art irvine

You’ve stood in line, you picked out the perfect design and you are now rocking your new henna tattoo.  Now what?

1st, make sure you don’t smudge or smear your new tattoo. The henna paste usually dries within the hour, but it can depend on how think the lines are in your design, the temperature, and how the henna reacts to your skin. Smearing your design will mean a permanent smear that you will be wearing for the next week or so, so hold still and be super careful during the hour after receiving your tattoo.

Once the paste dries, leave the paste in for as long as possible.  The longer you leave the paste on the darker and more defined your end result will be. For the best results leave the paste on for 2-4 hours.

The paste will crust and eventually fall off. You can let the paste fall of naturally, or you can scrape it off yourself.  It should come off easily.

The henna will be bright orange for a day or so and will then start turning dark brown in 2-3 days. Henna tattoos will last between 1-3 weeks. Keeping the henna tattoo moisturized will prevent exfoliation and help your design to last longer.

You can go to the beach, shower and get your henna tattoo wet. Avoid scrubbing at the area and avoid chlorine, alcohol, nail polish any any other harsh chemical.

Enjoy sporting your new henna tattoo!

For party reservations call: (949)599-5525

Offering Southern California henna party entertainment!

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Halloween Face Painting & Balloons.

I know, I know, it seems to early to talk about Halloween.  What has become of this world when the store shelves are filled with holiday decor year round.  We never get a break!
As much as we are annoyed by early celebrations, we have to admit we jumped on the bandwagon for holiday preparation.

Did you know that the month of October is our busiest month of the year? It’s true! Between fall festivals, church celebrations, community events, private parties and of course Halloween we are crazy busy all month long. We even have certain days in the month of October that are reserved several years in advance!

It used to be that to reserve one of our top face painters or balloon twisters in the month of October you had to book at least 6 months in advance.  Luckily over the years we have prepared ourselves for the busiest month of the year and we have expanded our amazing team of super-uber talented artists so that we can cater to more of our favorite people throughout Southern California.  YOU!

From San Diego, Orange County, LA, Riverside, Ventura and the complete Inland Empire. (You too High Desert and Temecula friends) we come to you and never charge a supply or travel fee.

Have an event out of state?  Our professional artists are available all day for a flat rate fee for large events out of state.

Halloween face painting, Orange County Irvine, Tustin

Working at the Irvine pumpkin patch


Flash super hero face painting, orange county Rancho Santa Margarita, RSM Aliso Viejo

Making dreams come true. You can be anything you want to be with face painting.


Professional Face Painter in Irvine, Orange County Aliso Viejo.

Colorful cats!


Batman boys party fun. Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel

Batman- small but SUPER hero fun!


Face Painting, Balloons, Glitter Tattoos, Airbrush, Clowns, Cotton Candy, Costumed Characters, Nail Art, Hair Feathers, and more!

Face Painting, Balloons, Glitter Tattoos, Airbrush, Clowns, Cotton Candy, Costumed Characters, Nail Art, Hair Feathers, and more!

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Want to learn face painting and balloon twisting? We can help!

Have you ever wondered if you could be part of the magical fun and twist a balloon into a fun shape? When you see one of our artists, just ask and we are happy to teach you.  Within just minutes you can create your very own balloon sword, flower or traditional style balloon dog.

Have you ever wanted to learn how to face paint? We offer parties for both face painting and balloons that is all about teaching your guests how to create their own party entertainment.  The best part about this is that once you know how, you can provide the face painting and balloon fun of your family any time you want!

If you are already an experienced face painter or balloon twister and would like to join our team, email us for an application.

We love helping Orange County and all of Southern California celebrate their special events with face painting and balloon art.

Balloon twisting art.  Orange County, Irvine, Tustin, Newport, Brea, Fullerton, Garden Grove Santa Ana

Party Entertainment

Face painting and balloon party entertainment

A Southern California Company.  We service all of SoCal without a supply or travel fee.
Phone: (949)599-5525 Email:

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Face Painting. When should the party entertainment arrive?

Irvine tustin newport party time entertainment orange countyWe are frequently asked what is the best time for party entertainment to arrive.
Corporate events, community gatherings and other large parties are best decided on an individual basis. For the sake of making this guide best for the majority we will assume we are talking about small gatherings or personal -private parties.

“Party entertainment” is also a broad subject.  Magicians, fortune tellers, stilt walkers and circus acts are all forms of party entertainment.  We could go on and on about the countless types of fun you can have, but for the sake of simplicity we will stick with a face painter, balloon twister, or temporary tattoo style of entertainment.

These art forms typically take 10-15 minutes for a quality set up as well as a clean up.  Make sure you are NOT paying for your artists set up and clean up time.  That should be on the artist.  Not you.  So if they take 5 minutes or 25 minutes to get read to arrive and leave, make sure that is not on your dime.

Typically the best time of arrival for party entertainment like face painting and balloon twisting is in the middle of the party. Scheduling the additional party fun at the beginning can mean that late comers and stragglers may not get the chance to participate. It is also super hard for your entertainer to have to leave when not everyone has had a chance to participate. More often than not, face painters and balloon twisters are booked back to back- party after party and they don’t have the ability to stay and do “just one more.”
(If we had a nickel for overtime we have heard that phrase…)

Having your party entertainment arrive at the end of your party poses the exact same dilemma. The time you scheduled your party is over, and there is no longer any wiggle room with your artist.  Although, if you had to choose to have face painting or balloons at the beginning or end of the party we would suggest at the end, just so you don’t miss the straggling guests.

We know that party planning can be a bit hectic at times. Hopefully this little tip helps, so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your party.

If you would like one of our experienced artists to perform balloon art or award winning face painting we would love to be part of your celebration.  Call (949) 599-5525 or check us out online.

Eastvale, Corona, Norco, Riveride, Fullerton, Anaheim, Brea, Chino, Dana Point

Professional Face Painter and Balloon Twister

Serving all of Southern California:  Orange County, San Diego, Oceanside, Temecula, Inland Empire, Riverside, Eastvale, Rialto, Upland, High Desert, Hesperia, Victorville, Apple Valley, Oak Hills, Los Angeles, Carson, Brea, Silverlake, Hollywood, Beverly Hills

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Follow us on Instagram. (Shameless Plug)

Professional Face Painter Orange County Brea, Fullerton, Costa Mesa, Anaheim, Aliso Viejo, Irvine, Tustin

Here is a quick snapshot of our current Instagram page. We would love for you to join us.

We know, it’s the lowest form of advertising, if you can even call it that.  The shameless plug that just comes right out and says in a desperate tone.. Please follow us! LOL.

So will you?

If you’re at a computer check us out at

If you’re on your phone or tablet just log onto the app and look us up under Professional Face Painter.

If you laugh at my explanation to this then you know I was writing the “How to” portion for the adults out there.

So.. back to my shameless plug.  The reality is, we don’t post a lot on here, and all of the fun action, discount packages and our fans are hanging out on Instagram so we want you there too!

Hopefully we will see you at the grammy’s. 😉

Costa mesa face painter balloon twister artist

Professional Face Painter and Balloon Twister


Professional Face Painter Balloons too! Orange County, RSM, rancho santa margarita, mission viejo, lake forest, irvine, anaheim, aliso viejo, laguna niguel

Professional Face Painter


Professional Balloon Artist. Orange County, Riverside, Corona, Eastvale

Beautiful Balloon Decor – Balloon wall.


Dana Point party entertainment. Face painting, balloons, temporary tattoos.

Professional Face Painter – Face Painting and Balloon Twisting Entertainment.

High Desert children's party entertainment. Rialto, Hesperia, Spring Valley Lake

Professional Face Painter (949) 599-5525

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